Craftsman’s work

Full-leather tea canister, vertically attached, large, plain leather|Keiichi Arakawa

This is a large vertical tea caddy made by the late Keiichi Arakawa.
The work that Keiichi Arakawa worked on will be a rare one with only a few more in our company.
Made and polished with outstanding technology, this product has a vivid luster, and the surface where the lid meets is chamfered to give a soft impression.

Cherry bark is said to "breathe", and tea caddies made from wild cherry bark have excellent humidity control, and because they do not completely shut off the outside air, there is no need to worry about condensation. It keeps the humidity in the cylinder low and constant, so you can store tea, coffee, etc. in a state close to nature. Also, unlike iron products, there is no need to worry about rust.

Each tea caddy is handcrafted one by one with the refined skills of a craftsman, and you can feel the "warmth" that is unique to kabazaiku. We hope that the Kabazaiku tea caddy will enrich your tea time.